Our Exclusion Proofing Setup

Wildlife Proofing

Wildlife proofing or exclusion work is to keep nuisance animals out of your Burke home or property. Call now to have us inspect your home for animal entry points. Doing it right is the difference in preventing re-entry and more damage by bats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, rodents, and other pest animals.

We offer many animal exclusion and proofing services. We can catch any kind of wild animal from your attic, soffits, crawlspace, basement, barn, shed, home and office.

Prevent wildlife problems in advance. We can inspect your home or office and prevent problems before they happen. It is less expensive to proof your house and exclude bats, rats, raccoons, squirrels, and other nuisance animals than to make repairs later.

Visible Roof Damage

Wild Animal Exclusion and Prevent

We want to make sure the nuisance wildlife does not return. This is where many of our competitors fail. They offer a cheap price for trapping and removing the pest wildlife and leave the cause of the problem behind. It is your home and you need to protect it against wild animal invasions. You can hire a local carpenter or you can attempt exclusion work yourself. Remember though, when wildlife proofing isn’t done right, your property remains at risk.

We are the experts in wildlife proofing and can help you throughout Burke and Fairfax County, Virginia. We are local and know the metro area well including the type of wildlife that cause problems. Our solutions for animal proofing have been designed to prevent animals from entering your living space. We find and seal every crack, gap and hole that pest animals use to enter your home.

Wildlife Exclusion How-to

  1. Seal-up – Find all entry points. Any holes or cracks in the home’s exterior will be an invitation to any number of nuisance animals. They can also enter through chimneys and vents that have not been sealed. These must all be fixed to prevent any wild animals from getting back into the home.
  2. Exterior – Ensure that pet food is not left out. This will attract wild animals. Keep garbage bagged and secure inside bins. Trim back trees and any vegetation that makes climbing easy. Keep the lawn maintained.
  3. Foundation – Fill any existing holes found around the home. Treat the area to deter animals. Remove any shrubbery or landscaping that hides animal burrows.