Chimney Cap to Prevent Wildlife
Chimney Cap to Prevent Wildlife

Raccoons in Chimney

You might think your chimney is off-limits to raccoons because it is so high up. Unfortunately, that is not true. These animals are amazing climbers and they will stop at nothing to find a nice, safe place to live or to give birth to babies. When clients call us about this issue they report hearing thumping noises or scratching on metal as they move up and down the chimney. You could also notice flies and fleas around the chimney or vocal noises. If you notice any of these signs in your Burke home, call us to arrange an inspection as soon as possible to prevent damage to your chimney or fireplace.

Damage From Raccoons Living in Chimney

Having our team of experts remove these nuisance animals right away is the best thing to do. There are many possibilities for problems if they are allowed to stay in your chimney. The buildup of urine and feces, damage to the flue making it dangerous to use the fireplace in the future, damage to the chimney cap or the fireplace. Even worse, a raccoon could die in the chimney causing foul odors and attracting other animals or insects. They think of your chimney like a hollow tree and will make it a home if not removed quickly. Nesting materials and debris will be brought in with them that can be a fire hazard too. Your chimney is a small, fairly unacceptable place so it is best for a professional to remove any animals trapped inside. Schedule an appointment now to start to rid your home of these pests.

Clean Up Damage From Raccoons in Chimney

Part of the removal process includes excluding the area to prevent more animals from entering the chimney. After we remove the raccoons we will access the damages. We may need to extract any dead animals that were trapped and clean out any waste and debris left behind. At this point we would repair any damages to the flue, fireplace or the siding also. Any animals in the chimney usually enter through a faulty chimney cap. There are new caps designed to keep them out. Birds and squirrels can also be an issue so we can replace your chimney cap with one that has been designed to keep out all wildlife. Call us today, we are here to help you remove any animals from your chimney.